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Want to have your own living place in Thrissur ?

Which is the most beautiful place in this universe….? Where do you think you can spend time in absolute peace and harmony? Is it in some place blessed with splendid scenic beauty? Or is it in a cozy multi-star hotel room in town?

No, for sure. If you take a deep look inside, you can see that …it is nowhere other than your own sweet home. Nothing can substitute being with your loved ones in your own home. You always long to get back there….be it from office tensions or from city roads flooded with vehicles.

But in present circumstances owning a piece of land or a comfortable house to live in is not that easy. Rapidly increasing urban population and scarcity of land have made the situation worse. Finding solace in the lush warmth of our own drawing room is more likely to remain a dream for ever.

We, Parappilly Builders, a frontrunner in real estate business in Thrissur have with us the solution to this problem. We construct apartments, villas and flats giving priority to your needs and aspirations.

 Home in Thrissur from Parappilly

A flat or villa within a walkable distance from the city limits is a dream for every town dweller. Parappilly Builders, Trichur over the years is committed to the task of fulfilling this dream.

You might have learned from experience that owning a flat is usually accompanied by a heap of no’s and don’ts. And life in such a place can be described as one in a glorified cage.

Parappilly Builders with an experience of more than a century understands your needs and problems. Our apartments and villas are designed in such a way to give you the perfect living experience. And we promise not to bother you with so many restrictions which will eventually turn your life miserable.

Parappilly - Builders in Thrissur for generations

Today, the easiest way to mint money is to take up the role of a builder who specializes in housing structures within city limits. Things have become so worse that any Tom, Dick and Harry with no prior experience often appear as constructors. They cash in on the ignorance or the urgent need of a prospective buyer. When the deal is over, the firm may disappear only to come out again in a distant land with more lucrative proposals to allure the poor and needy buyer.

Our rich legacy, experience and expertise keep us apart. Parappilly has more than six generations of experience and expertise in the construction field. We have established ourselves reliable in the construction and maintenance of flats and villas in Thrissur. With all these we guarantee perfection for our projects and satisfaction for our customers.

The history of modern Thrissur is interwoven with the history of Parappilly family. It was none other than the great Sakthan Thampuran who brought our forefathers to Thrissur. He entrusted the task of shaping Thrissur town with them.

Since then Parappilly family has played a major role in making Thrissur one of the most comfortable towns to live in. So many families have put their trust in us and we have never let them down. Each of our projects from corporation buildings to private villas and flats reflects perfection as our trademark.

We offer our knowledge and trust for the perfect housing experience for you. We stand tall among a number of builders sprouting every other day just to bite the dust next season. Owners of unparalleled trust even from great rulers of Kerala like Sakthan Thampuran of Kochi, Parappilly family possess an unmatched tradition in the construction field to speak of.


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